2024 (forthcoming) - Chapter, "East German Feminisms,” Feminist Art History, ed. Erin Silver, Routledge
2019 - Book Review, “Margaret McCarthy Mad Mädchen: Feminism and Generational Conflict inRecent German Literature and Film,” Focus on German Studies Journal, University of Cincinnati
2017 - Conference Proceedings, “The Fashion of Minimalism: Rethinking Waste in an Age of Experience-based Consumerism,” Undisciplined 2017 Cultural Studies Conference, Queen’s University
2024 - Presenter, "Between Art and Agency: Christine Schlegel's Gendered Expertise in the GDR's Second Public Sphere,” Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boston MA
2021 - Presenter, “Moving In and Between: Negotiating Multiple Oppressions in the Subcultures of GDR Performance,” Seventh Feminist Art History Conference, American University, Washington D.C.
2021 - Presenter, “Dancing the In-between: Expressions of gendered selfhood in the performances of Fine Kwiatkowski,” Council for European Studies 27th International Conference of Europeanists, University of Iceland, Reykjavik
2020 - Presenter, “'Black Atlantis’: Exploring adapted goddess mythologies in the art of Afrofuturism,”Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boston MA
2019 - Presenter, “Beyond Feminism: Post-identity selfhood and performance art in East Germany,”Performativity: Pasts, Presents, and Futures, CIRQUE Conference, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
2019 - Presenter, “Nailing the Look: Fascist and Anti-fascist Bodies,” Bodies of Work: Gender, Space,and Materiality in German Studies Conference, Vanderbilt University
2017 - Presenter, “The Fashion of Minimalism: Rethinking Waste in an Age of Experience-based Consumerism,” Undisciplined 2017 Cultural Studies Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston,ON, Canada
2017 - Presenter, “Excessive Minimalism,” Indeterminacy: un/knowing a body in space - CSPT Conference, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada
2015 - Artist Talk, Takt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2014 - Presenter, “I don’t get it: A guide to understanding art,” Vancouver Culture Days, Vancouver, Canada
Residencies and Research
2021 - Archive Research, Berlin/Dresden, Germany
2019 - Archive Research, Berlin/Leipzig, Germany

2016 - Hatch Gallery, “Meditation Chambers,” Vancouver, BC, Canada 2015 - TaktProjektraum, “The Meditation Chambers,” Berlin, Germany 2014 - Chapel Arts, “HomeTime,” Vancouver, BC, Canada
2009 - ( ) Space Gallery, "...And Apple Pie," Vancouver, BC, Canada
2014 - Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin, Germany
2014 - Firehall Art Gallery, “100 Self-Portraits,” Vancouver, Canada 2014 - Women’s Art Museum, “Her/Self,” Edmonton, Canada 2013 - Richmond Art Gallery, “Memory,”Richmond, Canada
2013 - Brooklyn Art Library, “A Million Little Pictures,” Brooklyn, NY / Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013 - Roundhouse Community Centre, “Papergirl,” Vancouver, Canada
2013 - The Reach Gallery, “After Dark,” Abbotsford, Canada
2012 - Leigh Square Art Gallery, “The F-Word,” Port Coquitlam, Canada
2012 - 10 Seconds Project, UK
2011 - The Reach Gallery, “Fraser Valley Biennale,” Abbotsford, Canada
2011 - Chilliwack Museum, “Shadows,” Chilliwack, Canada 2011 -LENSCRATCH, “Self-Portrait,” Los Angeles, CA, USA 2011 - W2 Storyeum,“Bikes Inside,” Vancouver, Canada
2010 - The Lido Art Gallery, “ECU 2010 External Photo Grad Show,” Vancouver, Canada
2010 - ECU Graduation Exhibition 2010, Vancouver, Canada
2010 - Edward Day Gallery, “SNAP! ‘10,” Toronto, Canada

Media Appearances
2014 - Culture 365, “So What is That? Art Lessons at Culture Days in Vancouver,” Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 - The Georgia Straight, “Ga-ga for Grad Art,” Vancouver, Canada
2009 - Emily Carr University 2009-2010 Viewbook, "...Someday You'll Know," Vancouver, Canada
2009 - Busswood, Erin, “Creator/Creator: Artist Mothers...And Apple Pie,” Vancouver, Canada

Curatorial and Conference Projects
2020 - Contemporary Art Gallery/Cartems Collaboration, “Local,” Vancouver, Canada
2019 - Contemporary Art Gallery/Cartems Collaboration, “Indulgence,” Vancouver, Canada
2019 - Contemporary Art Gallery Mentorship Program, “Processus,” Vancouver, Canada
2018 - UBC Gender Race Social Justice Panel Event, “The Disappeared and/or the Reappeared,”Vancouver, Canada
2018 - Contemporary Art Gallery/Cartems Collaboration, “Unlikely Futures,” Vancouver, Canada
2018 - Contemporary Art Gallery/Cartems Collaboration, “We Will Be Alright,” Vancouver, Canada
2017 - Contemporary Art Gallery/Cartems Collaboration, “Curious Cabinets,” Vancouver, Canada
2016 - Cartems Film Nights, “Hole in the Heart,” Vancouver, Canada 2013-2014 -Curatorial Assistant for Mohammad Salemy, INCREDIBLE MACHINES Conference, SimonFraser University, Vancouver, Canada
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