In honour of International Women’s Day, two local artists Sherazad Jamal and Cat L’Hirondelle are curating a show addressing the issue of Feminism in the 21st century that I am thrilled to be a part of.

These two local visual artists co-curated “The F Word”  to explore the status and meaning of feminism from the perspectives of nine Metro Vancouver women of different ages and cultural backgrounds.  Feminism is a word that evokes emancipation, empowerment and equality in some, while in others evokes fear, threat and loss. In any kind of sweeping societal change, one seeks to dismantle oppressive power structures to create something new, these kinds of conflicting emotions arise, along with debate, chaos and explorative art.

This show seeks to explore feminism from the perspectives of Metro Vancouver women of differing ages and cultural backgrounds.  The work of 13 visual artists will be selected for a group show and complemented by workshops, panel discussions and community art projects.

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The show runs Feb 23 – April 2, 2012 at 1100-2253 Leigh Square Community Arts Village in Port Coquitlam, with an opening reception from 2-4pm on Saturday February 25th.